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PSD meets the bubble-tight leakage in accordance with AMCA Standard 500-D98; Section 8.2.32 at 2.5kPa system pressure.  Ruskin's rugged blade linkage provides excellent sealing properties while utilizing existing system pressure to provide additional sealing force guarantees maximum performance.

The PSD-Positive Seal Dampers by Ruskin provides filter wall isolation for varying filter media, including HEPA systems.  Additional applications include isolation of bio-hazardous materials in laboratories.  Examples include post offices, hospitals isolation suites, pharmaceutical, food processing, military facilities, disease laboratories, biotech, campuses, etc.

The standard PSD-Positive Seal Dampers by Ruskin is offered in galvanized and coated steel, with available stainless steel or aluminum for more demanding applications, such as contaminants in the air stream, or specific materials of construction. 

The “Low” or “Zero” leakage design is a cost-efficient alternative to other damper types for certain applications.