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FSD60 with airfoil multiple blades are recommended in smoke management and smoke control system with pressures up to 1 k Pa and velocities 20m/s.


FSD 60 meets the following international standard:

  • BS476 Part 20  -  4 hours FRP
  • UL555  -  1.5 hours FRP
  • UL555S  -  Class I leakage
  • Smoke extraction  -  Continuous operation at 250degC for 1 hour

The FSD60 Combination Fire/Smoke Damper is both UL555 and UL555S Classified. It is rated as a 1-1/2 hour fire damper and a Leakage Class I Smoke damper. It features:


  • Rated to 3,000 fpm and 4" w.g.
  • UL approval for dual directional airflow.
  • Airfoil blades, which have greater strength, less static pressure drop, superior sealing ability, superior fire protection ability, and produce less noise.
  • Failsafe design, which enables the damper to automatically assume the desired position when fire or smoke (if smoke detector is present) interrupts operational power.
  • The EFL or PFL heat-actuated release devices permit controlled closure through the actuator and are automatically remote resettable after test, smoke detection, or power failure conditions.
  • Galvanized steel construction.